Graduated from the Department of English, Shanghai International Studies University, she joined the Chinese logistics sector during its golden age of development in 2000, and grow into a captain of a multinational logistics company from a young girl who loves culture and arts through hardworking. After viewing all kinds of the best, she resigned and travelled happily with her back pack. Within two years, she travelled over China and Europe and Central Asia continent, and wrote anecdotes of various places for magazines like “Fashion Tourism” and fashion newspapers. What’s more, with the rich experience of the business world turned into the artistic ideas, she became a contractor writer of

In 2007 she immigrated to the Netherlands, and co-founded the FOX GLOBAL Group with her husband NORMAN DE VOS from scratch. During the last ten years, with the support of the traditional FOX international logistics company under the group, it gradually formed companies that support each other in various fields including traditional clothing, shoes and bags import trading company, independent jewelry brand AMENDAZ, FOX international courier company, Container trucking company, native Dutch special courier company and the innovation inflatable seat company MONKEYGO, etc. As the first phase of the 22 thousand square meters of automation warehouse and modernization building of FOX in the Spring of 2018, the FOX Group will open up the comprehensive logistics supply chain for online retailers globally.