• SVP@XianglongReal Estate Development Group
  • Chairman@Wuhan University Alumni Association Benelux
  • International Advisor@Shanghai Human Resources Consulting Association

Dan Zhu is a seasoned executive with long standing experience in China Europe cooperation projects. Her expertise lies in the area of developing Sino-European Cooperation program, building Corporate Government Relationships and Organizational Capabilities. She is also a co-author of 《 China New Power》( in Chinese, published in June 2016 by上海文艺出版社).

Originally from China, she has worked and studied in Europe and USA. In her past 20 years of China experience, she has personally interviewed, trained and coached thousands of Western executives during their China postings, and Chinese executives for their international career  advancement.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts from China’s Wuhan University, a Master of Education from Emory University, the USA, and an MBA from Nyenrode Business University, the Netherlands. She teaches HR and Business Communication courses in multiple Chinese universities such as Duke Kunshan University(DKU) and China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong (CELAP, a Party School for senior government leaders). She is the driving force for the cooperation between Nyenrode/China Renmin University (Beijing) , Antwerp Management School (Belgium)/Donghua University (Shanghai), KPMG Luxemburg and Shanghai SME Service Center.

In 2004-5 , she served as Board Member of Benelux Chamber China. In 2008-15, she served as HR Chair and in 2013-15 as Board Member of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC). She played a key role in organizing the Chamber’s annual HR Conference, where hundreds of industry leaders and HR practitioners met annually and discussed heated HR issues. Since 2014 she started to advise multiple Shanghai government agencies on talent internalization issues, with a focus on broadening Chinese executives’ international mindset and management adaptability, plus attracting global talents to  join  China’s accelerated development via the Belt and Road initiative. Since 2016 she joined Xianglong Real Estate Development as SVP responsible for International Cooperation.

She is mother of two children and dedicated to their Chinese culture and history education. In her spare time, she practices Chinese calligraphy and appreciates landscape paintings from Song Dynasty (960- 1279).