With the steady progress of economic and trade cooperation between China and European countries, the steady development of bilateral trade, the continuous expansion of market investment and the mutual assistance and consensus reached in infrastructure cooperation in the recent years, China and Europe constantly strengthen their close cooperation and enhance collaborative development capability. As “The Belt and Road Initiative” develops more convenient trade environment for domestic enterprises, cross-border E-commerce platforms, as an important carrier of international trade in the future, go to developed countries to explore its territory one after another.

Chinese enterprises have a strong desire to enter the European market, and they need the all kinds of resources form Europe. However, the differences between bilateral markets, information and languages, the different policies of laws, taxation and logistics, created the huge barrier in between. The E-commerce enterprises at both sides urgently need a specialized platform to learn related policies, legal issues, share differentiated technological innovations. Purpose of this forum from SHBA is to create such professional platform surrounded by experts from related different areas, all together we aim to clear all the barriers standing in between, help companies from both sides to find the most suitable partners.

Date & Time

13 APRIL 2018
9:30 AM – 06:00 PM


Rotterdam Partners, Schielandshuis
Korte Hoogstraat 31
3011 GK, Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Shanghai Business Association the Netherlands

Rotterdam Partners




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