Overview of Shanghai Business Association the Netherlands:


Stichting Shanghai Business Association the Netherlands is founded by overseas Chinese from Shanghai in the Netherlands, Shanghai enterprises in the Netherlands and local people in the Netherlands. Besides, it is a non-profit social group legally registered by social groups in the Netherlands and approved by administrative institutions.

Stichting Shanghai Business Association the Netherlands adheres to the laws, regulations and policies in foreign residence and strives to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members. It advocates the members to follow social morality, operate in accordance with law and maintain justice of law. Besides, it helps members to coordinate the relationship with relevant sectors and helps the government improve the business environment between Holland and Europe and Shanghai. In addition, it extensively contacts domestic and foreign enterprises and economic groups and promotes the business relationship between them and members to get the internationally commercial discounts. Moreover, it has enhanced organizational management and technological progress to promote bilateral economic development.

 Tasks of Shanghai Business Association the Netherlands:

  • Make use of One Belt, One Road Initiative to organize various business and economic visits, meetings, exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars, expert lectures and other economic exchange and promotion activities, promote the exchanges of people between China and Holland as well as Europe, carry forward Chinese traditional culture, promote the economic exchanges and cooperation of members and help the business exchanges.
  • Hold various professional seminars and business training for members and employees, cultivate professional management talents and improve the quality of personnel for enterprises;
  • Make use of the Internet, establish the special website for the chamber of commerce and provide platform for the project exchanges between Holland and Shanghai; promote business for members and provide information consulting service for products; provide consulting service of laws and regulations and procedures for overseas Chinese in Europe, Chinese and people from Hong Kong and Macao as well as people who invest in Shanghai;
  • Visit governments at all levels in Shanghai, arrange visit plans at all levels and enhance the contact between the two sides. Look for domestic/foreign cooperators and sponsors.
  • Organize various health, culture and entertainment activities to provide colorful leisure service for the members;
  • Organize various professionals, including lawyers, accountants, economic experts, consultants and arbitrators, to introduce various professional services for the members;
  • Organize various commercial service agencies to fight the legitimate rights and interests for the members;
  • Coordinate the relationship between members and various administrative sectors in the government in accordance with law and protect legitimate rights and interests of the members;
  • Carry out other activities and services conducive to the accomplishment of the purpose of the chamber of commerce.
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